0960 What Network In The Philippines-Globe Or Smart?

0960 What Network

Are you puzzled about which network to choose for your 0960 number in the Philippines? With the telecom industry dominated by two major players, Globe and Smart, making a decision can be daunting. Fear not! This blog post will dive deep into the world of these telecommunications giants to help you determine which network is the right fit for your needs. Let’s unravel the mystery of 0960 What Network!

0960 What Network?

Are you wondering which network to choose for your 0960 What Network in the Philippines? With the two major players, Globe and Smart, dominating the telecom industry, it can be a tough decision. Both networks have their own strengths when it comes to coverage, speed, and customer service.

Globe Telecom has been in operation since 1994 and is known for its extensive network coverage across the country. On the other hand, Smart Communications has been providing services since 1991 and is recognized for its innovative offerings and fast internet speeds.

When deciding between Globe and Smart for your 0960 number, consider factors like network availability in your area, data speeds required for your usage patterns, and customer support quality. Additionally, keep an eye out for promotions or offers that could sweeten the deal.

A Brief History of Globe and Smart

Globe and Smart, the two major telecom networks in the Philippines, have a rich history that spans over decades. Globe Telecom was established in 1935 as a telecommunications company under the name Globe Wireless Limited. It wasn’t until 1994 when it rebranded to become Globe Telecom we know today.

On the other hand, Smart Communications, formerly known as Smart Communications Inc., was founded in 1991 by Filipino businessman Orlando Vea along with other investors. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading mobile network operators in the country.

Both companies have played significant roles in shaping the telecommunications landscape of the Philippines through innovations and advancements in technology. From introducing text messaging services to pioneering internet connectivity across remote areas, Globe and Smart have been at the forefront of driving digital transformation nationwide.

Network Coverage and Availability

When it comes to 0960 What Network coverage and availability in the Philippines, both Globe and Smart have extensive reach across the country.

Globe Telecom boasts a strong presence in urban areas and major cities, providing reliable connectivity for its users. On the other hand, Smart Communications has a wider coverage in rural areas, ensuring that even remote locations are not left without signal.

With the constant expansion of their infrastructure and technology upgrades, both networks continue to enhance their coverage nationwide. Whether you find yourself in bustling city streets or secluded countryside spots, rest assured that either Globe or Smart will keep you connected.

In this digital age where staying connected is essential, having reliable network coverage wherever you go is paramount. With Globe and Smart’s comprehensive reach across the Philippines, users can enjoy seamless communication no matter where they are located.

Network Speed and Performance

When it comes to network speed and performance, both Globe and Smart have been continuously upgrading their infrastructure to provide better service to their customers.

Globe boasts of its 4G LTE network coverage across the country, offering fast internet speeds for seamless browsing and streaming. On the other hand, Smart also prides itself on its extensive network reach and reliable connection for uninterrupted communication.

Whether you are checking your emails on-the-go or video calling your loved ones abroad, having a reliable network with high-speed performance is crucial in today’s digital age.

With advancements in technology, both networks are constantly striving to enhance their services to meet the growing demands of consumers for faster connectivity.

When choosing between Globe and Smart based on network speed and performance, consider factors like location, data usage habits, and overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Service and Support

When it comes to choosing a mobile 0960 What Network in the Philippines, customer service and support play a crucial role. Both Globe and Smart offer various channels for customers to reach out for assistance, including hotlines, online chat support, social media platforms, and physical stores.

Customer service representatives are trained to address inquiries efficiently and provide solutions promptly. Whether you have billing concerns, technical issues, or simply need information about their services, both networks strive to assist customers effectively.

Additionally, feedback from existing subscribers indicates that both Globe and Smart have made significant improvements in enhancing their customer service experience over the years. With dedicated teams ready to assist users round-the-clock.

Having reliable customer support can make a big difference in your overall mobile network experience. So next time you’re deciding between Globe or Smart as your provider with the 0960 prefix number – consider evaluating their customer service offerings too!

Promotions and Offers: 0960 What Network

Looking for the best deals and promotions when choosing a mobile network can make all the difference in your overall experience. When it comes to 0960 What Network, both Globe and Smart offer a variety of enticing offers to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Globe often provides exclusive perks such as free data allocations, discounted call and text packages, and special rewards for loyal subscribers. On the other hand, Smart is known for its competitive data promos, affordable international roaming rates, and partnerships with popular apps for added value.

Whether you prioritize unlimited data access, affordable call rates, or bonus rewards like free subscriptions to streaming services – comparing the promotions from Globe and Smart can help you decide which network aligns better with your needs. Be sure to check regularly for updated offers that suit your preferences.

Comparing Globe and Smart: Which One is Better?

When it comes to choosing between Globe and Smart as your mobile network provider in the Philippines, there are several factors to consider. Both companies have been key players in the telecom industry for years, offering competitive services and coverage across the country.

Globe Telecom boasts a wide array of prepaid and postpaid plans catering to different needs and budgets. With its innovative products like Globe at Home and GCash, they aim to provide convenience beyond just mobile services.

On the other hand, Smart Communications is known for its reliable network coverage, especially in rural areas. They also offer various data packages and promos that appeal to heavy internet users.

Which one is better depends on your specific needs – whether you prioritize speed, coverage, customer service or promotions. It’s worth doing some research before making a decision on which network suits you best.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 0960 What Network

When choosing a network for your 0960 What Network in the Philippines, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, assess the network coverage and availability in your area. It’s essential to ensure that you will have a strong signal wherever you go.

Network speed and performance are also crucial aspects to think about. Look into the data speeds offered by each network to guarantee smooth browsing and streaming experiences on your mobile device.

Customer service and support play a significant role in your overall satisfaction with a network provider. Opt for one that offers reliable assistance whenever you encounter issues or have queries.

Promotions and offers can sway your decision as well. Compare the deals provided by Globe and Smart to see which one aligns best with your needs and budget.

Consider these factors carefully before making your choice for the 0960 What Network in the Philippines.

Alternative Options for Mobile Networks in the Philippines

If you’re looking for alternative options for mobile networks in the Philippines, there are a few other players in the market besides Globe and Smart. One popular choice is Sun Cellular, known for its affordable call and text promos. Another option is TM (Touch Mobile), offering budget-friendly prepaid plans with various data packages.

DITO Telecommunity is also making waves as a newcomer promising fast and reliable 5G connectivity. Cherry Prepaid caters to those who prefer simple and straightforward prepaid services without any frills. ABS-CBN Mobile provides unique entertainment-focused features along with basic call and text services.

Each of these alternatives has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s essential to consider your usage needs before making a switch. Explore different options to find the network that best fits your communication requirements in the Philippines’ diverse mobile landscape.


What is the difference between Globe and Smart networks?

Globe and Smart are two major telecom networks in the Philippines, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Globe tends to focus more on customer service and innovative promotions, while Smart is known for its extensive network coverage and fast data speeds.

How can I check if a number belongs to Globe or Smart?

You can easily determine which network a phone number belongs to by checking the prefix. Numbers starting with “0960” typically belong to either Globe or Smart.

Are there any alternative mobile networks besides Globe and Smart?

Yes, there are other options such as Sun Cellular (now part of Smart), TNT, TM, Cherry Prepaid, and DITO Telecommunity. Each has its unique offerings tailored to different user preferences.


When deciding between Globe and Smart for your 0960 What Network provider in the Philippines, it’s essential to consider factors such as network coverage, speed, customer service, promotions, and offers. Both networks have their strengths and weaknesses, so choose based on what matters most to you as a consumer. Remember that there are also alternative options available in the market if neither Globe nor Smart meets your needs. Make an informed decision that best suits your communication requirements and preferences.

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